Volvo Car Extension

Volvo Car Extension

Drive calm

When you buy a Volvo, you choose unsurpassed quality, safety and protection. But in addition to having a quality vehicle, Volvo offers the best after-sales services in one place. For example, the extension of the warranty for new vehicles "Volvo Car Extension" protects against unforeseen repair costs, even after the factory warranty is finalized.

Safety for many years

Volvo Car Extension allows you, as a Volvo customer of a new vehicle, to contract a warranty extension for 12, 24 or 36 months with no mileage limit, provided you contract it before 24 months from the date of registration and have not exceeded 60,000 Km.


• Extensive protection against repair costs after the initial warranty of the vehicle has been finalized.

• Validity throughout Europe.

• In case of sale of the vehicle, Volvo Car Extension is transferred to the new owner, so your vehicle acquires more commercial value.

• Original Volvo parts and qualified technicians in all repairs.

Fast and flexible management

In the event of a breakdown, Volvo Car Extension not only provides quick and trouble-free repairs, but also coverage practically anywhere. If your vehicle needs to be repaired somewhere in Europe outside your country, you only have to Call your dealer to get in touch with the Volvo Warranty Management Service.

Reimbursement of Expenses

In case of repair, Volvo will cover all costs of labor and parts, regardless of the repair work that your Volvo vehicle previously suffered.

Ideal Coverage

Volvo's extended warranty includes everything you could want. It offers you complete protection that will allow you to enjoy the same tranquility for up to three more years as if your vehicle were totally new, even after the initial warranty of the vehicle is finished. This program includes practically all the mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic elements of your vehicle, with some exceptions. Your Volvo Dealer can explain in more detail what these exceptions consist of and all information related to Volvo Car Extension.